Echo Noise Control Temporary Acoustic Barriers

We supply affordable and effective temporary acoustical barriers for construction sites.

Our STC-26 noise blankets provide a high standard of environmental noise control.

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  • On-site installation services
  • Variety of size & color options
  • Acoustical consulting services available
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Effective, affordable and efficient temporary acoustical barriers

Echo Noise Control specializes in providing construction projects with temporary, cost efficient and effective sound barriers. Our products mitigate and reduce unwanted noise to nearby properties. Our blankets have been laboratory tested and have been designed to be the most effective solution for construction site noise. The barriers can be attached to any existing chain link construction fence quickly and with ease. The mounting system for the blankets was designed to require very little effort and by simply using the grommet inserts.

We offer noise and sound control solutions to a wide variety of industries including commercial and residential construction, oil and gas, entertainment, industrial complexes, and more. Our easily mountable temporary acoustical barriers make Echo Noise Control a reliable resource offering sound control solutions. We work closely with acoustical consultants to verify the noise reduction values of our noise control system.

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