About Us

About Echo Noise Control

Echo Noise Control was founded by a team of acoustical specialists with the goal of filling a need in the market for efficient, affordable, and reliable acoustical blankets for construction sites. We supply acoustical blankets in a timely manner that can be mounted onto any existing construction fence via grommets. The colors can be customized and we work quickly and efficiently. Please take the time to fill out the form at the bottom of the contact page and speak with our engineers.

Our Values

We are consistently focused on high quality production.
We are committed to affordability & excellence.
We make sure to supply the proper product the first time.

Our Product

Our construction sound blankets are designed to mitigate unwanted construction noise.
Sound penetrates a given medium differently based on the frequency of the noise.
Our acoustical barriers have been designed to be effective against unwanted construction noise.
The installation is easy and the blankets were manufactured to be affordable.
The materials we use provide a strong and hardy barrier that can handle the day to day hazards of any construction site.

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Phone: +1 (323) 689 0245
E-Mail: sales@echonoisecontrol.com
Address: 14000 Van Ness Avenue, Suite D, Gardena, CA
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